I agree. And I am one of those salaried workers in an industry that glorifies overwork. So I don't necessarily get the extra coin for more widgets so losing sight of the important things is a double loss. Although I have been good myself in balancing work and life I know many in the same industry who are not.

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If you wish to amplify your view, read "Dying for a Paycheck" by Jeffrey Pfeffer

If you wish to question the wisdom of quiet quitting, you should read wall street journal article on "Quiet Firing."


But let me ask these questions DumbWealth, since you are a fan of data:

1. Are the outcomes better for the population that does not work hard?

2. Do they have better health, wealth, and relationships?

3. Do they spend their time more productively and with more purpose or just eating Cheetos while binge watching Netflix?

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